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2.5 years

I’m back, old self.


April 21, 2011 at 8:42 pm 1 comment

A good game

What was supposed to be a friendly game of DotA turned out to be one of my most annoying experiences.

I still don’t get why some people had to brag, mouth off, or trash talk other players for spite. Maybe it makes them feel good. Yea it feels totally awzum and cool to pawn others but to yap about how good you are and calling others noobs (or ‘bobo’ read: unintelligent, stupid) is just plain annoying.

So a couple hours ago I went to the nearby computer shop to enjoy a DotA game with some of my younger brother’s barkada. I’ve always thought I had some sort of authority over these “little kids” cos well, to put it blatantly, I’M OLD (older than them, I mean hehe). It was just a LAN game and our team was 1 player short. Was playing with another guy my age so I guess it was kinda fair. But yeah the little rambos were good and pwnd our sorry asses a hell lotta times. But one thing totally ticked me off and sent me over the edge. This @$%# %$#%$ named JC was loudmouthing about how good he owned us and that he’s using what he thinks is an ‘underdog’ hero – Goblin Techies. Sure. Every friggin time he does his “Suicide” and pwns, he’s gonna jump from his seat and bellow,

“Techies na nga lang yan ah!”

So bad enough getting beat by a scrawny a-hole and still he does that act a couple more times – it certainly ticked me. So I sent a message to all the players:

“Angas ng techies ah. Kala mo kung sino. 4v3 naman.”

I appealled to the fact that we were disadvantaged and true enough, he’s not really the playmaker because the other players from his team were pretty damn good too. Then he replied with:

“1 on 1 na lang pustahan”

And almost all of my bro’s friends started to get giddy because, as I found out later, they were aching for some action out of the game. I’m not really a fighter and I rarely get myself into conflicts (I’m a peaceful dude, a gentleman, a well-bred guy). So I replied with the first thing that came into my mind:

“Sorry dude I’ve no more money to spare. I’m jobless. I’m a bum. Forgive me.”


1) It’s not cool to lose your cool. At any instance. At any given place or time. You’re just aching for a fat lip and you’ll just feel awfully bad if you let your burning anger consume you.

2) Be a sport. Play nice. You can be the best damn player in your sport/game but believe me, people are gonna HATE you if you can’t show any sign of humility and badmouth others if they’re not as good as you.

As for that little runt, he’s gonna get his share one day and I believe the sorry dude is gonna cry for being a total loser.

September 6, 2008 at 7:34 pm 5 comments

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