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Big Time!!

How’s it goin dudez.

I’m chillin here at home on a Saturday night. Been quite busy in school for the past week so I took some time off. Day off, you may call it since I’m being a slave in the school anyway haha. So I was having a great time just slouching in the couch, watchin some sitcoms and movies on TV and I saw House. I’m not really a fan of television series but I watched one full episode. Now I can’t wait to get a copy of it on the DVD! It’s freakin hilarious and somehow serious at the same time I’m sure I’ll love it.

House: You’re pregnant. (Mentions symptoms)
Girl: You’re kidding.
House: Are you virgin?
Girl: No.
House: You’re pregnant.

Hahaha. After watching House I switched to CinemaOne. This movie I saw next was a pinoy indie film. I could tell because it doesn’t seem to be like those high-costing productions we usually see on the cinemas. And after watching it, man I suddenly became a fan of independent films! Y’know you may actually see them as small-time flicks but hey, they’re really really worthy to watch. Nothing fancy. Not much costumes or effects but the plot plus the acting are simply superb. Yeah yeah I know, those multimillion productions are cool too but hey let’s not forget where they’ll all end up – the cinematic wasteland. TV. Home Box Office. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

So the film I saw is called “Big Time” and it’s about two funny crooks who want to hit it bigtime in the criminal world. They were accompanied by a pretty chick who wants to be a famous star (and who looks like my hot singer-crush Barbie Almalbis by the way, hehe) and some f*cked-up guy who is actually the son of a local crime lord they were hitting on for some ransom money! Then things started to go crazy as they kept on changing their plans and just going nuts. All in all it’s a kickass flick with all the funny jokes and silly portrayal of the actors. It’s even satirical coz it’s trying to make fun of the local culture, showbiz, etc. In the end it was all about making decisions and holding on to your dreams. Being patient with life.

My rating: 4.5/5. Highly recommended!

PS I don’t really write reviews and I don’t wanna spoil it all for ya so if you want some nicely written summary you can just go here. Or you may want to watch this.

In this crazy world, everybody wants to go big time.

Hmm, anyway enough TV. Final Destination 3’s on now and I’m just so not in the mood to see people die in a gross and excruciating way. I’m signing off!

All the best!
– Spence


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